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This page provides access to the lastest HELiCON Connectors. Please keep in mind to use the correct Connector with the matching HiCAD version.


1. Connector downloads

Compatible Studio VersionCompatible HiCAD / HELiOS versionDateRelease notesDownload
Release> 1700.12015.02.24(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12014.07.21(tick) Release 
Release> 1700.12013.12.18(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12013.11.05(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12012.11.20(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12012.10.10(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12012.09.26(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12012.09.12(tick) Release
Release> 1700.12012.07.09(tick) Release

Release (deprecated)

> 1700.1 build 329 X86/X642012.04.18(tick) Release

2. Getting started

2.1. Installation

  1. Deflate the .zip file to your HiCAD\exe\plugins
  2. Result = \\HiCAD\exe\plugins\HELiCON\all files
  3. Activate the plugin, after a HiCAD restart:

2.2. Customizing settings

Until now it's not possible to get the correct licenses from the Sentinel hardlock service.

HELiCON Engineer is able to run both with HELiOS and without HELiOS. This means we have to specify these settings the first time we are using the HELiCON Connector.

HiCAD\exe\plugins pathSettingDefault 
TrueWhen set to False, then HELiCON Engineer doesn't use any HELiOS

When set to False, then HELiCON Engineer doesn't use any HELiOS


2.3. Add attributes to HiCAD and Catalogue

ChangeAdd line
"$TN_COPY""STRING""NIE"# Helicon temporary copy of $TN
"%INSTANCE_ID""INTEGER""NIE"# Helicon RefPart InstanceId
"%LAST_INSTANCE_ID""INTEGER""NIE"# Helicon RefPart last InstanceId

Click here to see an example of the file (don't use this file)

HiCAD Catalogue







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