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HiCAD Viewer

The zip archive contains the install files of the free HiCAD Viewer.

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 Product name 

 Release date 


2500.1HiCAD Viewer 202021.04.2020

2400.0HiCAD Viewer 201919.02.2019

2301.0HiCAD Viewer 201820.06.2018

2200.0HiCAD Viewer 201702.03.2017

2101.2HiCAD Viewer 201629.09.2016

2000.0HiCAD Viewer 201513.02.2014

1900.1HiCAD Viewer 201419.03.2014

1801.2HiCAD Viewer 201314.02.2013

1702.0HiCAD Viewer 201226.09.2012


Installing the AdminToolsServer enables to administrate ISD licences on the Sentinel licence server.

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 Thumbnail Provider

Installing the Thumnail Provider a preview of HiCAD scenes can be shown in the Windows Explorer also on None-HiCAD-Workstations.


1702.0Thumbnail Provider11.04.2012(tick)



VersionProduct nameRelease date
1702.0Thumbnail Provider11.04.2012(tick)


As of HELiOS Version 1801.0 a new database import/export tool is used ("HELIOS Database Creator"). In case the old HeliosMSSQLTool is required, it is available as a separate download.
The zip-file contains all files necessary to use the HeliosMSSQLTool (start HeliosMSSQLTool.exe) and a compatible database in default condition (which can be imported with the HeliosMSSQLTool).

If the 64-bit-HeliosMSSQLTool cannot be started on a 64-bit operating system, this can be caused by the installed 32-bit-Microsoft-compatibillity-packages. In this case the 32-bit-HeliosMSSQLTool can be used.


VersionProduktnameReleasedatumTyp64-bit und 32-bit



VersionProduct nameRelease date Typ64-bit and 32-bit







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