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HiCAD Viewer

The zip archive contains the install files of the free HiCAD Viewer.

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Installing the AdminToolsServer enables to administrate ISD licences on the Sentinel licence server.

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 Thumbnail Provider

Installing the Thumnail Provider a preview of HiCAD scenes can be shown in the Windows Explorer also on None-HiCAD-Workstations.


1702.0Thumbnail Provider11.04.2012(tick)



VersionProduct nameRelease date
1702.0Thumbnail Provider11.04.2012(tick)


As of HELiOS Version 1801.0 a new database import/export tool is used ("HELIOS Database Creator"). In case the old HeliosMSSQLTool is required, it is available as a separate download.
The zip-file contains all files necessary to use the HeliosMSSQLTool (start HeliosMSSQLTool.exe) and a compatible database in default condition (which can be imported with the HeliosMSSQLTool).

If the 64-bit-HeliosMSSQLTool cannot be started on a 64-bit operating system, this can be caused by the installed 32-bit-Microsoft-compatibillity-packages. In this case the 32-bit-HeliosMSSQLTool can be used.


VersionProduktnameReleasedatumTyp64-bit und 32-bit



VersionProduct nameRelease date Typ64-bit and 32-bit







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