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HELiOS is the PDM/PLM system for safe corporate processes. Typical use cases for PDM/PLM are:

  • Central and safe management of all company-relevant documents.
  • Company-wide access to product-related information via a locally installed HELiOS Client or, if desired, also without additional Client installation via the HELiOS Internet Server.
  • Bringing in of external partners and suppliers as well as mobile employees via the HELiOS Internet Serv-er.
  • Company-wide control, output and conversion of drawings and documents via the HELiOS Spooler.
  • Data exchange across departments with ERP systems via Standard Connectors or, if desired, as cus-tomer-specific solution.



HELiOS – PDM/PLM for the entire enterprise

Please note:

The System /Hardware Requirements are built on one another, namely, in the order shown in the table below.

The HELiOS System /Hardware Requirements specified here are also available as a Whitepaper in PDF format:

 Whitepaper  System and Hardware Requirements

Discontinuation of Windows 7 ®

Microsoft will cease the support for Windows by January 2020. Due to compability matters HiCAD 2020 SP2 and HELiOS 2020 SP2 will thus be the final versions of our CAD and PDM systems which support Windows ® 7. The corresponding server operating systems (Windows Server 2008 R2 or older) will then no longer be supported either.

To ensure that you actually work with the suitable hardware and software when using HELiOS, we recommend reading the information about the different HELiOS components contained in this Whitepaper.

HELiOS Database Server

HELiOS manages all metadata centrally in one database. For this a Database Server is required that supports and provides the corresponding data management services. You can use a Microsoft SQL Server or an Oracle Database Server as Database Server (RDBMS).

System and Hardware Requirements

HELiOS Vault Server

HELiOS saves all utilized data (files) either to a central file system or, if desired, to the HELiOS Vault Server. Whether a HELiOS Vault Server is required also depends on the interfaces types that that are used.

The HELiOS Vault Server is an “electronic safe” for all documents in a company that prevents an immediate, uncontrolled access to security-relevant files.

Special authentication and check-in/check-out mechanisms in the background efficiently restrict access to the persons who actually have access permission, while regulating simultaneous concurrent accesses on the basis of the corresponding access type.

Furthermore, the HELiOS Vault Server provides the basis for document replication when multiple locations are involved.

System and Hardware Requirements

HELiOS Client

HELiOS can be used integrated in a CAD system such as HiCAD or SOLIDWORKS, but also as a standalone system – the so-called HELiOS Desktop. The corresponding Client must be installed locally.

System and Hardware Requirements

HELiOS Internet Server

Via a HELiOS Internet Server with Web Sharing you can give your customers and suppliers web-based access to projects, documents and articles. With the help of a common Internet Browser the corresponding information can be displayed, complete with graphical previews. Even within closed networks the HELiOS Internet Server can be used in a very efficient manner. For instance, it allows immediate mobile access to data and documents throughout the entire company, e.g. in the production department, warehouse, external service etc., without any special technical equipment being required.

System and Hardware Requirements

HELiOS Spooler

The HELiOS Spooler is the automation platform for the processing of print, plot and conversion jobs by Servers or other automation tasks. The utilisation of the HELiOS Spooler offers the following advantages:

  • Automatic processing of print/plot jobs with a multitude of configuration options, e.g. an automatic assigning of printing devices according to format sizes.
  • Automatic processing of conversion jobs, e.g. for an automatic creation of PDF documents. The availa-ble target formats vary depending on the utilized CAD base system.
  • All jobs are handled centrally by the HELiOS Spooler, which spares the users at individual workstation a lot of work and avoids unnecessary disruptions of their daily work. A simultaneous running of multiple HELiOS Spoolers is also possible.
  • Jobs can be controlled by a timer and prioritized.
  • Current jobs, job statuses and job histories can be viewed as result lists. Individual jobs can be repeated at any time.

System and Hardware Requirements

License Server

Before you can use HELiOS you need to get a license for the software. You have the following options:  

  • Network Licenses
    If you choose network (server-controlled) licensing, the license will be directly locked to the hardware of the server that centrally manages the HELiOS licenses. These licenses can be used on any workstation in your network that is connected to this Server.
    But Network Licenses can even be used if the workstation has no network connection to the Server. For this to happen, a license can be temporarily provided via direct checkout from the License Server as a so-called “Commuter License”.
  • Standalone Licenses (local licenses)
    Here, the activation will be directly locked to the hardware of the workstation on which your HELiOS program is installed.

To be able to use Network Licenses, a License Server must have been installed.

The License Server carries out licensing in a multi-user environment and manages them. It also provided an overview of all licenses and regulates licensing requests of all users who wish to work with a HELiOS application.   

System and Hardware Requirements


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