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HELiOS Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems


 HELiOS 2017HELiOS 2016HELiOS 2015 HELiOS 2014 HELiOS 2013
Windows 10
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7 
Windows XP
Windows Vista 

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Data Base Systems

 HELiOS 2017HELiOS 2016HELiOS 2015 HELiOS 2014 HELiOS 2013
Microsoft SQL Server 2016(as of SP2*)
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Oracle Database Server 12c
Oracle Database Server 11g R2
Oracle Database Server 11g R1
Oracle Database Server 10g

* on request also for SP1

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CAD Systems

 HELiOS 2017HELiOS 2016HELiOS 2015 HELiOS 2014 HELiOS 2013
HiCAD 2017
HiCAD 2016
HiCAD 2015
HiCAD 2014
HiCAD 2013
HiCAD 2012 
HiCAD 2011 
AutoCAD 2018(as of SP1)
AutoCAD 2017 (as of SP2)
AutoCAD 2016 (as of SP2)
AutoCAD 2015(as of SP2)
AutoCAD 2014 (as of SP2)
AutoCAD 2013
AutoCAD 2012
AutoCAD 2011 
Inventor 2018(as of SP1) 
Inventor 2017(as of SP2) 
Inventor 2016 (as of SP2)
Inventor 2015 (as of SP2)
Inventor 2014 (as of SP2)
Inventor 2013 
Inventor 2012 
Inventor 2011  
Inventor 2010  
Inventor 2009  
Inventor 2008  
SOLIDWORKS 2018 (as of SP2)
SOLIDWORKS 2015(as of SP3)
SOLIDWORKS 2014 (as of SP2)

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CAE Systems

 HELiOS 2017HELiOS 2016HELiOS 2015 HELiOS 2014 HELiOS 2013
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.7 (as of SP2)    
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.6     
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.5     
EPLAN Electric P8 Version 2.4(as of SP1)(as of SP1)   

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 HELiOS 2017HELiOS 2016HELiOS 2015 HELiOS 2014 HELiOS 2013
Office 2016
Office 2013
Office 2010
Office 2007 
Office 2003

The   symbol does not always mean that the product is not compatible. It can also mean that interactions have not been tested by the ISD. 





Hardware requirements


It is our aim to provide an unrivalled service to our clients. Workstations and monitors can be supplied together with our software as a turnkey system. This option ensures the optimum configuration for your ISD software.  Our own technical teams are there to guide you through installation and implementation. We promise to achieve the best possible configuration with the hardware components of your choice.

Minimum Hardware Requirements for HELiOS Desktop (Stand alone) 

You can use any hardware provided with current drivers for the installed operating system.
Please note, that for example the graphics drivers supports the complete open-GL command set.

Processor (CPU)Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 support
Main memory


Graphics boardGraphics card according to CAD system or Viewer requirements
Operating system

see Compatibility Matrix

Data base System

see Compatibility Matrix

Recommended hardware for HELiOS Desktop with simultaneous HiCAD operation 
ComputerFujitsu CELSIUS M740
Processor (CPU)Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1630 v4 (4 Cores, 3.70 GHz, 10M Cache)
Main memory2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 2.133 MHz, rg ECC
Hard disk1 x 512 GB, SSD SATA III Premium bay, 2,5 Zoll
Graphics boardNVIDIA Quadro K2200 (4 GB)
Screen resolutionFull HD (1920x1080)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 8.1 (64 Bit)

If the Vault is used, please read the Information given on the  HELiOS Database Server und HELiOS Vault Server page.

If network licences are used, please read the information given on the System and hardware requirements: License server page.