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 For HELiOS Internet Server, similar system and hardware requirements as for HELiOS Client are applied:


 HELiOS 2019HELiOS 2018HELiOS 2017
Processor (CPU)X86 or AMD64 Architecture with SSE2 suppor
Main memory Additionally at least 4 GB main memor
Hard disk Additionally at least 2 GB free hard disk memory
Operating system  Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher

Please note

  • Besides IIS, HELiOS Client (HELiOS Desktop) must be installed.
  • The HELiOS Desktop on the same system must be running permanently, i.e. the login session must not be ended.
  • The HELiOS Internet Server is to be installed in the default web site. Parallel operation with other products is not supported.