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HELiOS Spooler is in principle a 64 Bit application. The same system and hardware requirements as for HELiOS Client are applicable:


 HELiOS 2019HELiOS 2018HELiOS 2017
Processor (CPU)AMD64 Architecture with SSE2 support
Main MemoryAdditionally at least 2 GB main memory

Hard disk

Additionally at least 4 GB free hard disk memory

Operating system   

Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher

Please note

  • HELiOS Spooler requires locally installed CAD, electrical engineering or Office applications for that plot and conversion orders are carried out. Please note that the use of these applications requires respective licenses and that the hardware requirements of each system supplier must be considered as well.
  • he main memory should be at least dimensioned as large as the main memory of the client system deployed. Thus it is guaranteed that the data (can be processed accordingly by HELiOS Spooler.
  • Besides the client operating systems for Windows, the above mentioned server operating systems can be used as well. It depends on the license terms for the Microsoft OS used by your company whether a server operating system can be used or not. Here, the number of permitted simultaneous connections is deciding here. As of Windows 7, 20 simultaneous logins are approved. In this case, you need to assure that apart from the current logins sufficient logins are available for each Client computer’s Print Client.