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HELiOS Client

The HELiOS Client can generally also be operated on a virtual machine. When using integrated Viewers, the hardware requirements of the respective Viewer must be observed.

The HELiOS Client can also be operated as a Terminal application.

HELiOS Spooler

The HELiOS Spooler can generally also be operated on a virtual machine. However, limitations may occur in conjunction with simultaneously operated CAD, Electrical Engineering or Office applications.

In virtual environments limitations may also occur with regard to graphic functionality, performance and integration of printers.

License Server

The License Management based on the Sentinel RMS© by the company gemalto© can generally also be run in virtual environments.

Network licenses on virtual machines (VM)

If you want to use/activate/deactivate the network licenses on virtual machines, please observe the following points: 1.       A static MAC address is required 2.       A static IP address is recommended or required when using Commuter Licenses 3.       Before copying or changing a virtual machine, deactivate the network licenses, since the UUID (Universal Unique IDentifier) of the VM will change due to the copying process, and cannot be deactivated afterwards any more. This also applies to the starting of the VM on a different host.

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