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Forum Rules for

This is an online forum allowing users of software solutions by the ISD to discuss technical issues, and help each other in case of any problems. The forum is run by the ISD and is moderated by one of its employees. The ISD is, however, not obliged to participate in discussions. All discussions should be conducted in a fact-based and polite manner; we reserve the right to partly or entirely delete posts that infringe the Forum Rules, violate the law or transgress standards of common decency.

As a user of this forum you commit yourself to publish no posts that transgress the standards of common decency or violate any German laws. Users have no legal claim to a participation in the forum.

The unrestricted domiciliary right of the ISD shall apply.

The copyright for your topics and posts is (provided that they are considered copyrightable) owned by you as a user. However, when you publish a topic or a post, you grant the ISD the right to permanently store this topic or post on its websites.

The users commit themselves to make no copyrighted contents and intellectual properties of others available in the forum, neither directly nor in the form of links. Quotations from other publications must be identified as such by indicating their source.

The ISD reserves the right to delete, move or close your topics and posts. 

Before opening a new thread, please check whether any threads about the topic you want to discuss already exist. Please also avoid double/multiple postings for the sake of an optimal utility value for all users on the forum. When publishing a new post, please use a meaningful title that clearly indicates the subject of your post. 

If you had a question about a specific problem, please post your feedback later. This will also tell future visitors of this forum whether the suggested solution was successful.



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