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The new Sign up (Register) form has some new input fields. You can now enter the Company/Educational institution, Customer number, Salutation, First name and Last name, Postal code, Country, Phone number and an E-mail address. Also, users are requested to define a Password.

Users should also note that the new registration procedure omits the freely selectable “Username”. According to the new login procedure, the corresponding E-mail address is identical with the username. If an E-mail address already exists, an appropriate error message will be displayed for the user.  

Customers have the option to “suggest” a customer number during the registration process. The Customer area will only be activated after successful verification of the customer number. A small green checkmark indicates to the customer that the customer number has been checked and accepted. As soon as the customer number has been verified, this field can no longer be edited.

Customer number not verified

Customer number verified


By registering the user accepts the Data Protection Guidelines according to our website. A link to our Data Protection Guidelines can be found between the input fields and the Register button.

The registration has been secured by means of a Double-Opt-In procedure. After registration, the user will receive an E-mail with an activation link. The user can only access his/her ISD account after activation via this link. If the account will not be activated within 14 days, the user will be deleted again automatically.

After successful activation the user has to login with his/her login data to access the Online services.  

Pseudonym for the ISD Forum

To be able to use the ISD Forum a Pseudonym is required. After successful registration a Pseudonym will be assigned to each new user. The automatically generated Pseudonym consists of a multi-digit, alphanumerical combination in the format ISDmemeber123456789. The order of the numbers is arbitrary.

If desired, the Pseudonym can be personalized in the protected ISD Account. Via Settings > Edit access data users have the option to define a new Pseudonym. They can change the Pseudonym in the ISD Account as often as they like.

For all users who were using the Forum while the above changes were implemented, the Pseudonym that was used there will apply.


The login requires the input of your E-mail address and Password.

Forgot password?

If a user has forgotten his/her password, he/she can create a new password by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link and entering his/her username.

Here, too, an E-mail with a security token will be sent to the specified E-mail address / the username. You can then change the password by clicking on the link in the E-mail. If the “Forgot password?” function was used accidentally or not by the user, simply ignore the E-mail.  


Login successful

After successful login the user will be redirected to a page with an overview of Online services that have been made available to his/her user account.

In the small menu at the top right the customer can switch to his/her Profile data or Settings or logout again.


In the Settings users can access their Profile data, view or change their Login data and specify further settings, e.g. Language or Newsletter subscription.

Edit profile data

Users can access their Profile data either directly via the small menu at the top right or via Settings > Profile data. Here, users can view their profile data, add new data or update existing data.

After each change the user will receive an E-mail informing him/her about the change. 

Edit access data

The “Edit access data” allows users to change their Password, to personalize the Pseudonym for the ISD Forum, to update their E-mail address, or to delete their account completely.


Here, users can subscribe to our Newsletter and choose a preferred Language in which they wish to be addressed by the ISD.

Delete ISD account

If a user does no longer want to use the Online services of the ISD, he/she has the option to delete his/her user account.  

The user account will be deleted immediately, and the user will receive an E-mail confirming the deletion.

When deleting the ISD account, the Pseudonym for the Forum will be deleted as well. The contributions of the user, however, will remain in the Forum and will be marked with “guest”. The Newsletter subscription will be continued, independent of the status of the ISD account.

Unused ISD accounts

Unused user accounts will be automatically deleted after 12 months. After 9 months the corresponding user will be informed about the planned deletion and has then 3 more months to reactivate his/her ISD account. If a login takes place within these 3 months, the ISD account will be continued. Otherwise it will be deleted after these 3 months.


After successful logout the user will be automatically redirected to the ISD homepage.



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