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You use the Navigation Bar and the functions of the header at the top to navigate through the Wiki.

 The Navigation Bar



Takes you back to the Dashboard (start page of ISD Wiki)
Up- and Download Area

Takes you to the upload/download area for the software HiCAD, HELiOS, HELiCON

A new download area for HiCAD and HELiOS is currently in preparation.

Product know-howOpens the Product Know-How area. Here you will find frequently asked questions, the Online Help, further information about HiCAD, HELiOS and HELiCON, and our current product brochures.

Opens the User Forum.

A new User Forum will be available shortly.



Once you have opened a page of the Wiki, a text line (Breadcrumb) is displayed on the blue menu bar at the top, showing you on which page of an area you currently are. These Breadcrumbs are navigation aids indicating the path to the current page within an area. You can click on the individual elements of the text line to jump, for example, back to the previous page.


Hide/Show Sidebar

You can also use the sidebar on the left to navigate through the Wiki. Use the icon to hide and redisplay the sidebar.

Quick Search

Use the QuickSearch option to search the complete Wiki for topics or keywords. Enter the term you are looking for. While entering the term, you will be offered matching items containing the entered term for selection. Click on the desired item of the selection list to open the corresponding page.

If you want to set filters for your search, click the Search for option in the selection list.

Wiki Functions

The Browse menu contains the following functions:

  • Feed Builder
    Use this function to publish recently updated contents from the ISD Wiki in your RSS Reader as RSS Feeds. Further information can be found in the corresponding Confluence documentation.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    These functions give you an overview of possible keyboard shortcuts.

User Settings

In the menu below your user name you can change the settings concerning your profile. 

For example, you can select Settings > Email to subscribe to our Blog posts and receive information about updates of the web pages to which you have access.  


You can use the following options if you wish to be informed regularly about changes to Wiki pages and Blogs:

  • Autowatch
    This option is active by default. This means that you will be informed by E-Mail about all changes to Wiki pages and Blog posts that you create, edit and comment on.
  • Subscribe to daily updates
    If this checkbox is active, you will be automatically informed about all changes to Wiki pages and Blog posts. However, you will receive this information only once a day, i.e. all changes will be summarized in one E-mail. If you select this option you can deactivate the Autowatch checkbox.
  • Subscribe to all blog posts
    If you want to be informed automatically about new Blog posts, activate this checkbox. You will receive an E-mail whenever a Blog post is created on the pages that are accessible for you.

After making all desired settings, click Submit.



If you want to add any particular pages to your Favourites, click the Favourite item in the Tools menu. 

The Your Favourites + News link on the start page of the Wiki gives you quick and easy access to your Favourites.