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Our Wiki provides you with information, product knowledge and the possibility to communicate about our products HiCAD (CAD), HELiOS (PDM) and HELiCON (Product Configuration)!

Which contents will be made available to you depends on your access rights, i.e. whether you are a customer, an ISD employee or an anonymous, unregistered user.

To be able to access extensive information including the Online Help for our products and the Upload/Download Area, you need to register for the ISD company Wiki once. After this registration you can log onto the ISD Wiki at any time with your login data.

To register, click Sign Up on the Wiki menu bar and enter the required data in the dialogue window for the ISD Wiki.

Confirm the security prompt and click the Sign Up button.

After successful registration the Dashbord, i.e. the start page of the ISD Wiki, will be displayed. If you could be identified as a customer by means of the E-mail you provided in the registration process, the following message will be displayed on the Dashboard:

 Hello " $ "

 Your Status: You are logged in as a customer of the ISD, which provides you with extensive access to the information in our Wiki.

Your favorites and news

This means that more detailed, in-depth product information has now been made available to you.

If the following message is displayed instead

Hello " $ "

Are you a customer of the ISD?
We offer our customers more detailed product information, e.g. access to the Download Area and Online Help. Your account could not automatically be identified as a customer account. Please send an E-mail to wiki(at), in order that we can activate your account for all Wiki Contents.

If you are not a customer of the ISD you can use our Forum and the public area of the Wiki.

this means that you do have a Wiki account, but could not be identified as a customer due to the E-mail you provided in the registration process. In such cases, you will have only restricted access to the Wiki contents. If you are one of our customers, please perform the steps described in the message, so that we can activate your account for all contents of the Wiki.

If you encounter any difficulties signing up/logging in, please feel free to contact our administrators! Just send an E-mail to

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