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 Notes on HiCAD / HELiOS Update (March 2018)

Please note that you require a new license key to perform an update to a newer version (e.g. HiCAD 2018 and/or HELiOS 2018). Before downloading the new update, please request the new license key via our Update Form. Just click on the link for your country and go through the required steps.


Then, login using the login data for your ISD customer account (Customer number + Password for license activation).

Please also note that HiCAD and/or HELiOS updates can only be requested by the contact person for licensing at your company.

 License Manager – HiCAD / HELiOS 2200 (March 2017)

Please note that the ISD License Manager 4.0 (2200.X) will be supplied with HiCAD and HELiOS 2200. Use this tool for the activation of new licenses for HiCAD/HELiOS 2200!

 Lizences and Update/Upgrade of the / Operating System (Feb. 2016)

We recommend deactivating local licenses and network licenses before performing an update/upgrade of the operating system (e.g. from Windows 8 to Windows 10), and activating them again after successful update/upgrade of the operating System.

 Notes on License Server (NL July 2014)

The license server must not be installed on the same computer on which an ISD software product (HiCAD, HELiOS) is installed, as both product share system data concerning the licensing Information!!


 Checkout licenses (NL 2/2013)

Let us assume that your company has a Network Commuter License with 4 licenses. On a Friday, you want to take your laptop home to continue to work during the weekend. What steps are required for this?

On Friday after work, e.g. at 5:00 pm, check out a license for 2 days. From this point in time, this license will be valid for 2 days, i.e. exactly until 11:59 pm of the last day. In this particular example, this means that you will be able to use the license until 11:59 pm on your laptop. After this, it will be automatically available on the Server again, i.e. no further steps will be required at your office on Monday.

Use case: Checkout licenses (PDF)

 License Server and workstations not on the same subnet of network (NL 1/2011)

If you are using the Sentinel License Management tool, and the license server and workstations are not located on the same subnet of the network, you need to define the variable LSForceHostin the Windows Environment Variables (Start > Computer > System properties > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables) on the workstations. The value to be assigned to the variable must be either the name or the IP address of the license server.  (As of Version 1701 the activation status of the WLAN card will no longer be relevant.)

If the license server is protected by another tool than the default Windows Firewall, you need to allow either Port5093/UDP or the program wlmadmin.exe as exceptions.  


 Important Notes on Licence Management (NL 4/2010)
  • When using mobile computers with a WLAN card, the card needs to be deactivated before generation of the identification code.
  • In case of a server-controlled licensing, a static IP address is required for a correct operation of the licence server.  


 Exchange of hardware on the licence server (NL 2/2010)

If you want to use a different computer as licence server, or if you want to exchange hardware components (hard disk, network card, motherboard etc.) on the licence server, you need to lock the network licences prior to the exchange. Please note the following requirements must be fulfilled for this:  

  • All licences on the server need to be unlocked again. Please make sure that no application using these network licences is running. 
  • All commuter licences need to be checked in again.
  • The licence server (service) must be running.  


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