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Please note

 HiCAD 2015 is the first version that will only be available as a 64Bit Version. Starting from this version, no 32Bit versions of our CAD software will be available any more.


HiCAD Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems

 HiCAD 2018HiCAD 2017HiCAD 2016HiCAD 2015HiCAD 2014
Windows 10, 64 Bit
Windows 8.1, 64 Bit
Winndows 8, 64 Bit
Windows 7, 64 Bit

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PDM Systems

 HiCAD 2018HiCAD 2017HiCAD 2016HiCAD 2015HiCAD 2014
HELiOS 2018
HELiOS 2017
HELiOS 2016
HELiOS 2015
HELiOS 2014


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 HiCAD 2018HiCAD 2017HiCAD 2016HiCAD 2015HiCAD 2014
LogiKal 11
LogiKal 10
LogiKal 9
PartSolutions 10.0
PartSolutions 9.8
PartSolutions 9.7
PartSolutions 9.5
PartSolutions 9.0
PartSolutions 8.0
KISSsoft 03/2017- 03/2014
CADClick 3.0as of SP2


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Microsoft Office*

 HiCAD 2018HiCAD 2017HiCAD 2016HiCAD 2015HiCAD 2014
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2007

*  In conjunction with VBA limitations may occur here. 

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 HiCAD 2018HiCAD 2017HiCAD 2016HiCAD 2015HiCAD 2014
Internet Explorer 9 - 11
Mozilla Firefox 31 - 57
Google Chrome 37 - 63

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System and hardware requirements


It is our aim to provide an unrivalled service to our clients. Workstations and monitors can be supplied together with our software as a turnkey system. This option ensures the optimum configuration for your ISD software.  Our own technical teams are there to guide you through installation and implementation. We promise to achieve the best possible configuration with the hardware components of your choice.

Minimum Hardware Requirements 
  • You can use any hardware provided with current drivers for the installed operating system.
  • Please note, that for example the graphics drivers supports the complete open-GL command set.
  • DVD drive
Processor (CPU)Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 support
Main memory

To achieve optimal performance for large assemblies, the system should possess significantly more main memory than is considered sufficient for HiCAD at first glance.
This enables the hard disk accessing operations Buffer memory, Undo and Switch drawing to be performed up to 4 times faster

Hard diskApprox. 5 GB free disk space
Graphics boardFully OpenGL 2.0-capable graphics board with 128 MB RAM or more.
You can use the OpenGLCapabilityTester to check whether the OpenGL capabilities of your computer are sufficient for HiCAD. 
Screen resolutionScreen resolution 1280x1024
Operating system

see Compatibility Matrix


For the output of reports, e.g. Sheet Metal cost calculations, you require Microsoft Office Version 2010 or higher.

Recommended Hardware Equipment 

 Fujitsu CELSIUS

Processor (CPU)

Intel® Core™ i7-7700-Processor, 8 MB, 3,6 GHz or

Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1280v6, 8 MB, 3,9 GHz or

equivalent processor

Main memory

4 x 8 GB, DDR4, 2.400 MHz (incl. ECC)

Please note:

If you are working with very large CAD models we recommend using computers with a large amount of RAM.

Hard disk

1 x 512 GB, SSD SATA III Premium bay, 2,5 Zoll

Graphics boardNVIDIA Quadro P1000 (4 GB) or AMD WX3100 (4 GB)
Screen resolutionFull HD (1920x1080)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Microsoft Office Version 2010 or higher


  • To establish the connection to the Sentinel License Server the UDP Port 5093 for incoming and outgoing connections needs to be enabled for the Firewall of the License Server; for the Windows Firewall the Port is automatically enabled by activating the corresponding option in the installation program of the License Server.
  • For Network Licenses the operating systems listed on the System and Hardware Requirements: License Server page can be used.
  • Internet access is required for the computer/server on which the licenses are managed!
  • If you use a 64Bit version of HiCAD (2011) the Hardlock can no longer be used as selector of the license file due to missing driver support!
  • If you wish to use HELiOS you will also need one of the database systems listed on the System and Hardware Requirements: HELiOS Desktop page.

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